Spacei Presents Special Guest ‘The Demon Dwarf’ on Toxic Sickness Radio |15th November 2012

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Spacei AKA T-Virus

The first rave i went was the last ever North at Lakota in Bristol. Ever since then i have been goin to raves around the north west such as like Species, Vibealite, Noise pollution, Suicide Techno, Horizon, TLi.

The main influences in the Industrial scene are Igneon system, The Outside Agency, Gancher and Ruin, Homeboy , Detest , Teck Nick , Ak Industry , D Passion, E Noid , Industrial Frequency , Lowroller , D Tox , Tugie and The Teknoist.

The main influences in the Terror scene at the moment for me are Goetia, Tripped, Noisekick, Drokz, Komprex, Destroyer, KRTM , Bonehead , Paranoizer , The Punisher , SRB and Akira.

I first started getting more involved in the hardcore scene about 2-3 years ago When i started to flyer for a friends event called Noise pollution in oldham. It then lead for some of the most influencial expierence when i became apart of the Noise Pollution event as Co promoter. I still surport the night but not as co promoter for it any more as wanted to concentrate on getting to be dj and other things.

I started djin in march 2011. My first set i had was at Suicide Techno Fire Power.I have played along the likes of Drokz, Akira, Noisekick, Tugie , Big worm, The Criminal, Devorstator, Dark Lite and DMR , Riddler and more.

On the 9th May 2012 i had my first guest mix on Toxic sickness radio show. Straight away the day after i had a inbox asking if i would be a resident for the radio show. I said yes and since then i have been putting on shows which include Gancher and Ruin, Demon Dwarf, Industrial Frequency, Akira, Rictus Sempra, Ak Industry, Noizeskill, Billy S, Bonehead and many more. I’ve Started to use a alter ego called “T-Virus” which i bring the darker/harder side of terror kickdrums.

After having the best set to date in italy at hardbitch 1st birthday along side Drokz, Akira and Noisekick. I have had so much interest for dj sets and will be playing for Deathlab(section 18’s sister event) and Totally lost it is also on the cards and will definately be playing in holland in 2013 all confirmed.

Thanks for checking out my page and the terror core kickdrums will be coming to dancefloor near you!!!

Spacei AKA T-Virus


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