Chimera (SCOT) On Toxic Sickness Radio With Special Guest Triax (NL) | 1 Year Show | 28th November 2012


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Hardcore DJ & Producer CHIMERA has came out of no where after having a couple of years under his belt thanks to the 23rd Precinct & Timecode Studios with his tracks already signed to Obsession Records, Vindicta Records (FR) and more. The style of his tracks cant quite be to put into a certain category with the techy synth noises you would expect from techno and such fused with the darker & harder edged ambience and kicks it stands out to be different. Chimera has played at the UK’s largest party’s & festival’s such as making his debut HTID – Sanctuary Outdoor 2012, BackToTheFuture, Twisted Event’s – Impact & Darkside, Showtek Tour 2011 o2 Glasgow & the huge Master Of Hardcore World Tour at The Arches in Glasgow. HTID In the Sun 2012 Spain With Lost Origin seen his first taste of a over sea venue then dj’ing on the live broadcast of Thunderdome Radio NL on their Dominator/Nature One Special closing the show after Re-Style & Kasparov had to be a personal highlight of 2012.

With current productions being released on Obsession Records and Vindicta Recordings (France) the fan base is always expanding and support ranging from The DJ Producer, StrychNine (D.O.A) aswell support from Q-dance Radio’s Ben Harder Show.
Keep an eye out on future releases in 2013 on Obsession Records and the first solo EP due out on Vindicta Records (FR)


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Just like many of us, the interest in music started for Triax at an early age and his passion for hardcore music rapidly developed over the years. After visiting his first hardcore party at the age of 14, he instantly knew he wanted to become a DJ and producer.He started to learn how to DJ and produce on his own after buying his first turntables. When UHM came along, it didn’t take long for them to notice his unique talent and they knew they had to do something special with this eager artist. They started a new label called ‘UHM Records’ and gave Triax the opportunity to produce his own tracks for their new label and to become the new resident DJ at their main events. Things went pretty fast from this moment on; he not only released several tracks on their label, he also became a well respected name in the scene.His skills were also noticed abroad, which resulted into gigs around the world. His tracks were also selected for several compilation CD’s.His main goal was to pursue a career in music after college was finished, so totake his career to the next level, Triax decided to expand his music range and presented his work to Enzyme Records. After listening to his productions, Enzyme Records decided to help Triax with his music and to release his upcoming work on Enzyme Records.

9:00 – 9:45 (Chimera)
9:45 – 11:00 (Triax)

Track List’s:

Chimera –
1. Intro
2. Alien T – My Mind Is Prepared
3. Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah Ft. MC Rage – Victorious
4. Nexes – Wither Away
5. Rob Da Rhythm – Brainfire Funk
6. Chrono & Imperium Bass – Life Is A Bitch
7. Ophidian & D-Passion – Breathe
8. D-Passion – Crashing Through Seconds (Qore 3.0 ost)
9. Angel – Industrial Base (Ophidian Remix)
10. Korsakoff – The Torment Of Triton
11. Promo & Tha Playah Ft. Snowflake – Open (Upside Down)
12. The Wishmaster & Promo – Real Rude
13. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied – Hardcore Italia (Undogged Remix)
14. Knife Party – Bon Fire (Re-Style DJ Tool)
Triax – 
1. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Shadows
2. Tymon & Waldhaus – Purgatory
3. Ophidian & D-Passion – Another Destiny
4. Nico & Tetta – Restart the Party
5. Neophyte – The Remedy
6. Embionyc – Clubwalker
7. AniMe – Be A God
8. Tommyknocker – Today is the Day
9. Hellsystem – Blood (Tha Playah remix)
10. Mr. Sinister – Heart of Darkness
11. Hellsystem & Angerfist – How the world ended
12. Pandorum – Raw Intelligence
13. Tha Playah – The Impact
14. Mr. Sinister & Triax – Exposing the Truth
15. Mad Dog – Agony
16. Hellsystem – Edge of the Universe
17. Triax & Ruffneck – The Damned (Demon)
18. Meccano Twins – WTFisthis
19. Hellsystem – Devil Face
20. Ruffneck – Dawn of Paranoia
21. Triax – Complete the Cycle
22. I Gor – Testify
23. TriaMer – Techno Power
24. Switch Technique – Mohawk Mercenaries
25. Detest – Shotgun
26. The Outside Agency – Backpack Wisdom

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